My Mission

Born and raised in Yorkshire in a coal mining village, the careers I chose are surprising, to say the least. I was attracted to acting and psychology and was the first person in my extended family to go to university and to become a Probation Officer and then an Actor. Nobody in my family had been on stage or indeed spoken on stage or indeed worked in a “middle class” profession. But then again, I reckon the journey from Probation Officer to Actor to Coach and Trainer is a first for most families.

With over two decades of training and experience of working in the public sector – schools, prisons and probation services, youth offending services, adult and child social care – it goes without saying that I have a strong sense of injustice and I am passionate about empowering people to overcome adversity and to thrive. I have I spent my time working in the probation service empowering all individuals – whether staff workers or clients – to grow, develop and get on in life.

I have over a decade of actor’s training and experience on screen and stage, including ITV, BBC, West Yorkshire Playhouse. Ask me about it; I love to name drop! I used my voice and body to communicate with an audience to tell a story. Sometimes I’d tell a story I’d written myself.

When I see animals I go a bit funny, they are supposed to make you laugh and want to pet them, right? I live with my thoughtful and lovely husband, Mark and a cuddly black and white cat, called Vincent. I keep healthy by regular Pilates classes and the odd HIIT. I can be seen enjoying my food, singing badly in the car, cheering on runners, jogging slowly, writing or reading anything I can get my hands on, theatre reviewing, shouting at the TV, getting cross with I.T. Of course, not in that order and not at the same time.

I see the issues that people face. I can help you solve the problems that are keeping you stuck and stopping you from taking action, in a lively and fun manner.

I can show you how to overcome fear & create rock-solid self-confidence & belief to unveil your full-blown public speaking abilities. If we don’t speak up, we remained silenced, and we remain powerless. All the coaching, training and mentoring I do is motivated by the belief that the spoken word is powerful. Let’s come together and get the worthy stories out, starting with yours.

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