Knowing Yet Not Believing

We know we need to look after ourselves. We need to eat well, get out in the fresh air, exercise, rest, get plenty of sleep, not smoke, not take non- prescribed drugs. Yet many of us struggle to do most if any of these things.

So why the inaction?

I hear you – it’s on the to do list, you are busy, it’s hard, you tried, you had a hard day at work, other people let you down, you weren’t going to have a drink but it was your mate’s birthday. The list of reasons goes on and on and on.

I suggest that what is going on for most of us here is that knowing you need to do something is different to you believing it. And the difference between the two can be huge.

Let me give you a real case example.

After decades working for the government, I am now self-employed. This decision was not taken lightly and the action I took in handing in my notice was 3 years overdue. With hindsight it was 4 years overdue, if not more so.

So why did it take me so long to act?

The main reason was the excuses I gave to myself as to why I couldn’t take action: what about my government pension, what if I got sick, what about my 33 days holiday, what about and the guaranteed cash in my account on the same date month in month out, what about this, what about that, and so on and so on…. Given these practical reasons no wonder I struggled to do what I wanted to do – what I knew I needed to do. So, the years ticked by and I remained stuck in a job that was making me ill. Physically and mentally. For clarity I’m going to say it again: I chose to remain in a job that was making me physically and mentally unwell. My choice, my reasons.

I knew I wanted to leave and I knew I would not regret it. But I didn’t believe it. I didn’t believe that I would cope outside of paid employment, I didn’t believe that I would find work that I enjoyed. I used excuses to keep my stuck.

Compare that to the excuses you are using now to not take action. Know you need to lose weight – ask yourself if you believe it, if you believe you can do it? Know you need to speak up in team meetings, do you believe it, do you believe you can do it? Know you need to step up with work/home-life/family/friends, do you believe it, do you believe you can do it?

You know what you need to do, you have the skills and experience, it’s your beliefs that are stopping you from taking action right now.

You can overcome these limiting beliefs. What is stopping you?