What do you mean by Public Speaking?

Ok, if you are picturing a charismatic leader on the stage addressing an auditorium of 1000s think again. Whilst that is indeed speaking in public, so is presenting a topic at your next team meeting, performing a presentation at your next business conference and standing up at your friend’s wedding to give a toast. By public speaking I mean any situation that involves you having to speak in front of people. I would say a crowd, but that isn’t always the case either. What if you turn up at your next neighbourhood meeting to stand for president and only two people turn up? You will still have to argue your case to those two people. Or for those of you old enough to remember Only Fools and Horses, in Rodney’s case be manipulated into standing for the neighbourhood committee by making the mistake or saying something out loud to the only other two people to turn up.  The point being most of us speak in public, some better than others.

What do I mean by empowerment?

The dictionary states:

“authority or power given to someone to do something”

“the process of becoming stronger and more confident, especially in controlling one’s life and claiming one’s rights”

For me, it means helping you to overcome your limiting beliefs and replace them with beliefs that will get you where you want to be.

Still unsure how it applies to you? Put simply, I will give you the permission and the skills to become a better public speaker. No matter where your starting point is or where your finish point is. We will work it out together, through a combination of coaching, mentoring and directing.

But I don’t want help with public speaking, can I still work with you?

It depends on what your goals are – get in touch and we can find out.

I can’t afford 1:1 coaching, help?

I know, I’ve been there. Please follow my FB page for help and support. Download my cheetsheet here. Keep an eye out on my FB page for one off offers and other freebies. Keep the faith that you will soon be in a position to invest in yourself. Your day will come. And I keep an eye out for the release of my book on speaking up in public, it will be full of helpful hints and tips to get you were you need to be.

I can’t commit to 1:1 coaching, what other help is there?

Alongside help and advice on my FB page and my soon to be released book on speaking up in public, there is my on-line course on speaking up in public. Click here to pre-order.