What I do

I teach both new and experienced speakers how to overcome fear of embarrassment and judgement to unveil their full-blown speaking abilities. I don’t discriminate but find I enjoy working with entrepreneurs, professionals and public speakers the most. Why? Because they are the most driven to succeed at overcoming their limiting beliefs in order to get what they want.

My work to date

I have two decades of training and experience of working in the public sector – schools, prisons and probation services, youth offending services, adult and child social care. I empower all individuals, whether staff workers or clients, to grow, develop and get on in life.

I have several years of actor’s training and experience on screen and stage, including ITV, BBC, West Yorkshire Playhouse. I used my voice and body to communicate with an audience to tell a story. Sometimes I’d tell a story I’d written myself.

My background

I was born and raised in Yorkshire in a coal mining village. I was attracted to acting and psychology and was the first person in my extended family to go to university and to become a Probation Officer and an actress. But then again, I reckon the journey from Probation Officer to actress to coach and educator is a first for most families.

Me today

I live with a thoughtful and lovely man and a cuddly cat. Wisely married him. The man, not the cat.

I can be seen eating out frequently, singing badly in the car, cheering on runners, jogging slowly, writing or reading, shouting at the TV, getting cross with I.T. Of course, not in that order and not at the same time. I go a bit funny when I see animals, they are supposed to make you laugh and want to pet them, right?


I have a strong sense of injustice and I am passionate about empowering people to overcome adversity and to thrive. I see the issues that people face and I know and believe I can help you solve the problems that are keeping you stuck and stopping you from taking action, in a lively and fun manner.

I’m not for you if:

You hate swearing and having fun. My sense of humour is not for everyone. I love Bridget Christie, Henning Wehn, Toast of London, Have I Got News For You, Curb Your Enthusiasm. The list goes on, I could talk comedy and stand up all day.

You are rigid in your thinking. For coaching to be successful the coachee must be open to challenge themselves and question their belief systems. It’s not for everyone and that’s ok.

You struggle to take responsibility for your behaviour. Coaching is probably not for you if you are quick to blame others.

I am for you if:

You are determined and want to get on.

You struggle with making certain decisions and need help to take specific action.

You have certain beliefs that are keeping you from making progress.

Do the following thoughts ring any bells?

“I can’t do it”

“What will people think of me”

“I will look a fool if I put myself out there”

I specialise in helping you to recognise and overcome your limiting beliefs. You will speak up and speak out without fear of judgement or embarrassment. You will believe you can cope, you are effective and people will respect what you say and how you say it.

Get in touch

If you would like to find out more about the services I offer please get in touch, the quickest way is by email