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What Stops You From Speaking Up in Public? Find out the REAL reason behind why you are scared of speaking up.


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Nothing sells your business as well as YOU. When you talk confidently about your services, everyone from current customers to cold prospects are impressed. They quickly become motivated to buy and buy more.

This simple shift in how you present yourself and your business can mean a BIG increase in income. Charge more, get more work, take your service business to the next level of success.

Hello, I’m Carol Plant professional actress and business coach. I have worked with service owners in all industries and walks of life. I help them become remarkably successful at selling their service.

All too often service providers sink their chances of landing a dream client. You come off boring, lacking confidence, without enthusiasm, or overdoing it to be seen as a showoff.

It’s hard to know just what to do and the right balance to take when talking to prospective customers. The correct approach will be different for every person.

What works wonders for Mel won’t work for Emma and certainly won’t be right for Charlie.

I work directly with you to spot problems, overcome challenges, develop a winning strategy, and give you the presentation skills that work everywhere from the boardroom to chance meetings in the elevator.

I help you develop a style that is true to your natural personality and comfort level. You will be highly effective without feeling like a fake or fraud.

Best of all, you will get the positive response that says you’ve just landed a new client, more work, a higher price, and greater success.

The thing that scares nearly everyone half to death is speaking before an audience. Even Hollywood stars and famous athletes hate it. But public speaking doesn’t have to be scary.

I’ll show you easy ways to deliver your message effectively to any audience. From a theater of business professionals to a boardroom of decision makers to a group of contacts sitting around the kitchen table.

You will be able to step into those situations with confidence. Armed with professional techniques that make you interesting, appreciated, and looked up to.

Let’s make YOU the big success you deserve to be. Message me now for your FREE no-obligation discussion.

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